YACHAD: Seventh Annual Unified Student Celebration

of Yom Ha’Atzmaut

(Israel Independence Day)

at the Jewish Community Center

To celebrate the creation of the modern State of Israel 65 years ago, students in kindergarten through eighth grade including the schools of

H. F. Epstein Hebrew Academy

and Saul Mirowitz Jewish Community School

 participate in this joint educational program.


The Israeli emissaries from Torah Mitzion create many interesting activities for this special day.

From the most recent YACHAD (May 6, 2014);

YACHAD 2014/5774 VIDEO 

Yachad 2014 pictures

Yachad 2014 pix 1

From YACHAD April 16, 2013);

YACHAD 2013/5773 VIDEO


From YACHAD April 26, 2012:



From YACHAD, May 10, 2011:



From YACHAD, April 21, 2010:



From the First Yachad (May 8, 2008):

Vardit at Yachad60Uria at Yachad60

Shany Eliana at Yachad60yachad60

photos courtesy of Mike Sherwin, Jewish Light


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