Ralph/Annette Raskas Bnei Akiva

Bnei Akiva is a weekly Shabbat program for Jewish youth of St. Louis through 8th grade. The goal of a Snif is to instill a love of Jewish values and expose the chanichim or children to the Bnei Akiva ideals of Torah V’Avodah. Torah V’Avodah combines living a life of Torah with an appreciation for living and working in the land of Israel.

[The Raskas Snif in honor of Ralph & Annette Raskas was dedicated in June 2013]


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Bnei Akiva groups meet in

Young Israel Synagogue every Shabbat afternoon.





Bnei Akiva St. Louis 2017 Finale Video


Shabbat Hagshama 5777



Sukkah Hop on October 22sukkah-hop-10_22_16Hadracha Shabbaton on Sept 16-18, Waterloo, IL.


Madrichot at ShabbatonMadrichim at Shabbaton

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